Sunday, June 18, 2006

Robert Anton Wilson Mystery Auction and Bibliography

I'm Staying with my Friend, Author Robert Anton Wilson for a few weeks while he recovers from some health things.

i produced and directed his play, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, about 10 years ago, and have known him ever since.

we set up an ebay auction to help with some of his expenses.
check it out. we will do a couple more in the next couple weeks.

well, ebay took the auction down and so we are scrambling to do it another way. they said it was a charity auction and we didn't use a non-profit.

here's the second auction link started thursday 1pm


While i'm here, i'm working on a bibliography of his work. it's endless.

this is a working draft of SOME of it. any suggestions or additions appreciated.

i have not included most of the We interviews or references, and am rather focusing on printed, published work.


RAW Bibliography


Joyce and Tao

By Robert Anton Wilson

From The James Joyce Review, vol. 3, 1959, pp. 8-16

General Semantics piece - 1959. The Verbal Level

The realist, freethought criticism and satire; no. 13.
Krassner, Paul, editor
the monthly New York November 1959 16p., browned and slightly edgeworn. Lengthy cover story explores how US religious thinkers have been affected by the space-race and guided missiles and outer space stuff, with a sidebar on von Braun. Robert Anton Wilson lengthily meditates on "Negative thinking, notes of a skeptical mystic" with a rebuttal to Wilson by one Reginald Dunsany. And there is back-page parody of congressional hearings dialogue


Ezra Pound at Seventy- Five., in The Realist, No. 19, July-August 1960.
Wilson, Robert Anton.
The Realist, 1960., 1960. 4to, newsprint, stapled. (24)pp.



Various Contributors ( Wilson, Robert Anton )
Ohio: School of Living, 1962, 1962. Very Good /No Jacket. 8vo - over 7_" - 9_" tall. Issue of April, 1962. VERY SIXTIES. The School of Living at Lane's End Homestead in Brookville, Ohio produced one of the first monthly publications dedicated to the "back to the Land" movement

Various Contributors
Ohio: School of Living, 1962, 1962. Very Good/No Jacket. 8vo - over 7_" - 9_" tall. Issue of Sept, 1962. VERY SIXTIES. The School of Living at Lane's End Homestead in Brookville, Ohio produced one of the first monthly publications dedicated to the "back to the Land" movement. This little magazine was produced by "An organization of individuals who protest the fragmentation, the social pathology, the injustice and ugliness of modern life. It is making long range plans for bringing together fraternally those who are trying earnestly to hold out against the destructive aspects of modern civilization." It featured guest editors and was able to attract some well known contributors. Includes Robert Anton Wilson on Proudhon. . Original green wraps and stapled. Generally about 36 pages per issue. The publication name just changed to WAY OUT. Formerly Balanced Living.


Various Contributors
Ohio: School of Living, 1963This issue includes Zen plus Anarchy, robert Anton Wilson and Jack Sophir. Original wraps and stapled. Generally about 36 pages per issue. The publication name changed to WAY OUT and Later A Way Out from the original Balanced Living.

Various Contributors
Ohio: School of Living, 1963, 1963. This issue includesFreedom in Banking, Integrated Personality via Zen Community and Implementing Anarchism. Attaching Usury at its Sourse by Robert Anton Wilson and Treichler. Original wraps and stapled. Generally about 36 pages per issue. The publication name changed to WAY OUT and Later A Way Out from the original Balanced Living.


Fact, Volume 1, Number 2 (March-April 1964; includes article on atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair, 'The Most Hated Woman in America', by Robert Anton Wilson)
Ginzberg, Ralph (editor); Robert Anton Wilson (contributor); Mark Twain (on onanism); Alexander Ivanov; Madalyn Murray O'Hair (about); et al.
Fact Magazine Inc., 1964.

Fact, Volume 1, Number 3 (May-June 1964; includes article on 'The Rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan' by Associate Editor Robert Anton Wilson)
Ginzberg, Ralph (editor); Robert Anton Wilson (associate editor); et al.
New York: Fact Magazine Inc., 1964. Soft cover. Book Condition: Very Good. No Jacket. 1st Edition. 4to, 64pp, glued wrappers. Third issue of this important 1960s investigative magazine, includes an article on 'The Rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan' by Robert Anton Wilson, who was Associate Editor at the time.


FACT July/August 1965
The Religion of Kerista and Its 69 Positions
by Robert Anton Wilson






Lysander Spooner 1808-1888 Author: WILSON, Robert Anton. Published by No information given (issued ca. 1970). 8 1/2 x 14 in. Single mimeographed sheet printed on both sides ..



_ Playboy's Book of Forbidden Words (1972)
-Playboy Press – 1972

The Occult Digest VOL. 2, NO. 6 1972
Includes: The Mead of Odhraerir by C.F. Russel, The Return of the True Light From the West (part 1) by Max Freedom Long, Reflections on Chicago's Occult Metamorphosis by Allen Hartman, The Great Beast - Crowley (part 1) by Robert Anton Wilson, Establishing Mental Connecttions: Part One - The Three Ways; The Daliniated Press.


_ Sex and Drugs: A Journey Beyond Limits (1973)
-Playboy 1973

_ The Sex Magicians (1973)
-Sheffield House (GX inc.) 1973 – Mass Market Paperback

Gallery Magazine Heavy Holiday Issue: January1973 Gallery Magazine
Interview U Thant, fiction William Saroyan, Robert Bloch, also Robert Anton Wilson, Gay Talese, much more.

Agape: An Occult Review (Vol. 1, No. 3; First Quarter 1973)


_ The Book of the Breast (1974)
- Playboy Press 1974/1975 – Hardcover
- Playboy Press, 1976, Mass Market Paperback


_ The Illuminatus! Trilogy (1975) (with Robert Shea)
-Dell, 1983 Paperback
-MJF 1975/1997/98 Hardcover
-CONSTABLE AND ROBINSON, 1998 Paperback 805 pp
-Robinson Publishing, 1998
- Fine Communications 1989 HC (ISBN: 1567312373) 805 pp
- Hugendubel Heinrich GmbH, 2002. (Hardcover German)
_ The Eye in the Pyramid
- Dell 1975. Mass Market Paperback.
- SPHERE, 1977 (UK) 311pp.
- Dell/Laurel 1980
- Rowohlt Verlag, 1989 Und die Erde wird beben
_ The Golden Apple
- Dell 1975. Mass Market Paperback.
- SPHERE, 1980 (UK) 250pp
- Dell/Laurel 1980
- Rowohlt Verlag, 1989 Der Sohn der Witwe
_ Leviathan
-Dell 1975. Mass Market Paperback.
-SPHERE, 1980 (UK) 253 pp
-Dell/Laurel 1980
-Rowohlt 1999 (german)
- Sphinx-Basel: 1978.

General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century. (ISBN: 0879680091)
Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph.
Gordon Press, ., 1975. Reprint of the classic exposition of individualist anarchism. Preface by Robert Anton Wilson. Contents: 1. Reaction causes revolution. 2. Is there sufficient reason for a revolution in the 19th century? 3. The principle of association. 4. The principle of authority. 5. Social liquidation. 6. The organization of economic forces. 7. Absorption of government by the economic organism. 301 pages.

OUI For the Man of the World Vol.4, No.
Chicago: Playboy Publications, January 1975196pp. This issue features a focus on jukeboxes, with Albert Goldman, John Blumenthal and John Rezek writing on the subject, how it works, and how to buy one; photography by Bill Aresenault and Richard Alcorn; illustrations by Kenneth Kneitel and Charles E. White III. Also, ""In Search of the Apocalyptic Orgasm: Do Various Pills make for Sexual Thrills?"" by Robert Anton Wilson;


Principia Discordia, Or, How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her: The Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger (Paperback)
by Malaclypse, Robert Anton Wilson, Kerry W. Thornley, Loompanics Unlimited

OUI For the Man of the World Vol. 5 No. 6
"Chicago: Playboy Publications, June 1976 edition. 132pp
This issue features an article on Candy Barr, plus photos and a sequence from her stag film, Smart Aleck; Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Richard Condon on ""Brainwashing: How to Fold, Spindle and Mutilate the Human Mind in Five Easy Steps""; Francis Burke on male prostitute Fred Doane; an interview with Pele; Robert S. Wieder asks ""Is Oakland the New San Francsico?""; a look at European cowboys, and more


Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati (1977)
- And/Or 1977 Mass Market Paperback Illustrated by John Thompson
- Pocket Books 1978 Soft Cover
- New Falcon Publications, 1987
- Rowohlt, 1979. (ISBN: 3499156490) (German) Die letzten Geheimnisse der Illuminaten
-Sphinx Verlag 1979 (ISBN: 3859142011) (German)
- PALMYRA, 2006. (ISBN: 849350033X)
- EL MARTILLO COSMICO: LIBRO 1: EL ULTIMO SECRETO DE LOS ILLUMINATI Book Condition: New(Nuevo). -1x-1. 365 páginas. Libro en Espanol
- HUGENDUBEL HEINRICH GMBH Februar 2004 Cosmic Trigger, Die letzten Geheimnisse der Illuminaten oder an den Grenzen des erweiterten Bewußtseins (ISBN: 3720525163)

GNOSTICA, Esoteric Knowledge for the New Age. No. 43 Sept./Oct. 1977
MN: Llewellyn Publications, Volume 5, Number 7, 7 _ x 10 _ magazine, slick gloss cover, 110 pgs. In the letter section is three letters making comments on T. Casey Bennan's article in issue No.42. There is also a review of Israel Regardie's THE EYE IN THE TRIANGLE, which mentions The Secret Rituals of the OTO, pg.13. There is also a seven page article by Robert Anton Wilson titled THE COSMIC TRIGGER, pgs.62-68, where Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant are mentioned. In the section titled THE PAGAN FRONT, pgs 81-83, there is a letter submitted where Alden Holloway, the Director of AMORC, discusses the OTO/AMORC connection. On the same page the author David F. Godwin submits another letter re: OTO/AMORC. There are also two full page ads for THE LAW IS FOR ALL & EYE IN THE TRIANGLE, pgs 105-106. [14]

Conspiracy Digest, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1977: Evidence-Theory-Speculation
by Alpine Enterprises,
1977 Newsletter, 16 pages, vg reprint issued by publisher; Arcane Science of Conflict Management; Robert Anton Wilson Interview.

International Times Vol.? No.8 April 1977
Interview With Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea
Very large format (17ins x 11ins) 32pp Radical underground counter-culture newspaper. This issue having 2pp 3pp interview with authors of Illuminatus Trilogy
Weird Trips #2 Wilson?Shea interview with Haskin Williams? In London on the day of Illuminatus stage performances.

OUI For the Man of the World Vol. 6 No.1
Chicago: Playboy Publications, January 1977, 180ppThis issue features an interview with stripper and actress Ann Marie; a conversation with Federico Fellini; ""Voodoo in New Orleans"" by Ishmael Reed; Robert Anton Wilson on Atlantis;

City Miner, Vol. 2, No. 4 (December-January 1977-1978)
Helm, Michael (editor), Robert Anton Wilson (cover and interview), Lenore Kandel, et al.
Berkeley: City Miner Magazine, 1977. 4to, 48pp, stapled wrappers. Robert Anton Wilson featured on cover and interviewed within (about 11pp, discusses 'Cosmic Trigger', Timothy Leary, etc.); also poems by Lenore Kandel et al., other period content.


_ Neuropolitics The Sociobiology of Human Metamorphosis (1978)
(with Timothy Leary and George Koopman) (ISBN: 0915238187)
- Starseed/Peace Press, 1977. Softbound160 pp,
- Basel Sphinx 1981 (German) Neuropolitik - Die Soziobiologie der menschlichen Metamorphose
-Neuropolitique - Las Vegas, Falcon Press, 1988 - in-12 broché sous couv. illustrée, 187pp. - édition originale - bon état - (texte en anglais) –

Worlds Beyond: The Everlasting Frontier
New Dimensions Foundation (Larry Geis & Fabrice Florin with Peter Beren & Aidan Kelly)
And/Or Press, Berkeley, CA, 1978; softcover;; 301p; out of print;

Freaked out space science anthology, including contributions from Robert Anton Wilson, Jacques Vallee, Timothy Leary, Buckminster Fuller, Edgar D. Mitchell, Stewart Brand, Gerard K. O'Neill, J. Allen Hynek, Stanton Friedman, and many others, on extraterrestial life, UFOs, space industries, space colonies, space age myths, neuropolitics, cryonics & much more. Scarce.

Illuminoids: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia (ISBN: 0895400456)
Neal Wilgus, Robert Anton Wilson (Introduction)
Book Description: Sun Pub Co., 1978.

Future Life, November 1978, No. 6
New York: Starlog, 1978 Battlestar Galactica. Behind the scenes. What $20 million can buy. Robert Anton Wilson: Next Stop, Immortality. Superman, Brave New World , Matamorphosis, Robot probes on Venus. Solar architecture

On Turtle Island" in City Miner No. 10.
Callahan, Bob.
Berkeley: City Miner Magazine, 1978, 4to. A long interview with Bob Callahan on the history and publishing program of the Turtle Island Foundation. Also in this issue: Robert Anton Wilson on Raymond Chandler, and poems by Steve Abbott, Clive Matson, Beau Beausoleil, and Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, among others.


_ The Game of Life (1979) (with Timothy Leary)
- Peace Press; 1979, 4to, 288 pgs.
- New Falcon Publications, 1993

City Miner 12 (Vol. 4, No. 1; 1979)—includes an interview with Gary Snyder, Neuropolitics: The Meaning of Space Migration by Timothy Leary, etc.
Helm, Michael (editor), Gary Snyder (cover and interview), Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Lenore Kandel, et al

OUI For the Man of the World
"Chicago: Playboy Publications, March 1979,",. Vol. 8 No. 3rd edition.. This issue features an interview with Robin Williams; Robert Anton Wilson on ""The Science of the Impossible"" (spoon bending, levitation, faith healing, out-of-body experiences, psychic phenomena, etc);

The Diagonal Relationship #9
Hlavaty, Arthur D. (editor)
Self-Published, New Rochelle, New York, 1979. Corner Stapled. 16 page fanzine. Contributors include Robert Anton Wilson, Buck Coulson,


_ The Illuminati Papers (1980)
- And/Or Press 1980 Paperback
- Sphere 1982 (UK)
- Ronin 1990
- Reinbek, rororo, 2003
_ Schrödinger's Cat trilogy (1980-1981)
-Dell 1979,1988
-Rororo – 1984 (German)
-Sphinx – (Basel) 1981(ISBN: 3859144065)
-Wilhelm Heyne 1984, München, Schrödingers Katze. Das Universum nebenan. Eine spektakuläre Unwirklichkeit und ganz anders als jene, die Alice (im Wunderland) sah
-Rowohlt Taschenbuch Hamburg 1993 -285 p
-Kreuzlingen, München, Hugendubel Verlag, o.J. [2002]. 764 p
-Hugendubel 2003 (German)

_ The Universe Next Door
-Pocket 1979
-Sphere 1979 (UK)
-Rowohlt- 1984+ Das Universum Nebenan.

_The Trick Top Hat
-Pocket 1979
-Sphere 1979 (UK)
-Rowohlt- 1984+Der Zauberhut. (ISBN: 3499153823)

-The Homing Pigeon
-Pocket 1979
-Sphere 1979 (UK)
-Rowohlt- 1984+ Die Brieftaube.

High Times, April 1980
Levitt, Shelley, editor
Trans-High Corporation, Farmingdale, NY, 1980. 4to. 110 pp. Interview with Robert Anton Wilson, White House Drug Scandals, Tax Tips for the High Bracket, the Bicycle Boom.

Magical Blend: A Magazine of Synergy - #2 (Summer, 1980)
Zunic, Katherine & Michael Peter Langevin (eds.)
Magical Blend, SF, CA, 1980; magazine; 64p;

Second issue of New Age magazine. This issue: Facing the Future Fearlessly by Robert Anton Wilson; Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain; Spells by Jo Steen; Wheels of Fire by Andy (Antero) Alli; The Wiccan Reed; fantasy; poetry; comics; more. Lush illustrations. Silver cover.

Future Life #21 (Sept 1980)
Harlan Ellison, Robert Anton Wilson, Gregory Benford, Others.
Magazine covering science, science fiction and more. Photos and art throughout. Partial contents of this issue includes Harlan Ellison's "An Edge in my Voice" column (this installment on George Pal); Brian W. Aldiss interview; "Human Intelligence Increase" an article by Robert Anton Wilson; Gregory Benford on "Aliens I Have Known"; and more. 74 pages.

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: No. 37, Winter: November, Nov. 1980 Published by Richard Geis Portland, OR. Vol. 9, no. 4. Inteview with Robert Anton Wilson. Wraps Near Fine.

Literary Voices: Interviews with Alex Haley, Christopher Isherwood, Jessica Mitford, Richard Armour and Robert Anton Wilson No. 1 (ISBN: 0893702390)
Jeffrey M. Elliott
Borgo Press, 1980. Op. Quarto64 pp.


_ Masks of the Illuminati (1981)
-Pocket 1981 Mass Market Paperback
-Sphere 1981 (UK) 294pp
-Basel, Sphinx 1983 Paperback 320 pp
-Dell 1990 Softcover
-Taschenbuch Verlag. 2002

Future Life #26 (May 1981)
Harlan Ellison, Robert Anton Wilson, Poul Anderson, Others
Magazine. Magazine covering science, science fiction and more. Photos and art throughout. Partial contents of this issue includes Harlan Ellison's "An Edge in my Voice" column in which he answers his mail; Robert Anton Wilson reviews Bucky Fuller; Interview with Poul Anderson; Interview with director Peter Hyams and more. 74 pages.

HIGH TIMES, May.1981
"Interview with Buckminster Fuller' by Robert Anton Wilson,

Critique Volume 1 Number 3 Spring 1981
Banner, Bob -- Editor
: Critique Publishing, Santa Rosa, California, 1981. Magazine. A Journal Exploring Conspiracy Theories, Exposes, Metaphysics and the "American Culture", 50 pages. In this issue: Ecology and Conspiracy by Robert Anton Wilson; Michell Werbell: An Interview; Conspiracy-Watcher's Field Guide; Bilderbergers and the Oil Shortage; Russia's Spy Schools; Arab Banks; Jewish Genocide: Fact or Propaganda?; Tax Resisitance;

STARSHIP/ALGOL Spring 1981 Robert Anton Wilson


_ The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles

_ The Earth Will Shake (1982)
- J P Tarcher 1983 Hardcover
- Bluejay, New York 1982/84
- St Martins Pr, 1984 (ISBN: 0312941285)
- Lynx 1988 Mass Market Paperback
- Roc 1991, Mass Market Paperback
- New American Library (Mm), 1991 (ISBN: 0451450868)
- New Falcon 2004 Softcover

_ The Widow's Son (1985)
- Bluejay Books, 1985
- Lynx Books 1989 Mass Market Paperback
- Roc 1991 Mass Market Paperback
- New Falcon, 2004 Softcover
_ Nature's God (1991)
- ROC, 1991 (1st ed)
- New Amer Library, 1991.
- New Falcon, 2004

The Eye in the Triangle By Regardie, Israel , Third Printing, SIGNED LIMITED Edition of 250 Copies, An Interpretation of Aleister Crowley (ISBN: 0941404072)
By Regardie, Israel , Black Endpapers, SIGNED By Author, Illustrated B/W, Introduction By Robert Anton Wilson
-Falcon Press Arizona, 1982. 1982, Third Printing, , Brown Decorated Cloth Boards with Black cloth spine with Gold Gilt Design on Front, 525 pgs 250 copies,
-New Falcon Pub, 1997 Soft cover. xxi, 560 pgs, illus w/ photos, intro by Robert Anton Wilson, 2 appendices, ISBN: 1561840548 1997

The Prism Lecture
Wilson, Robert Anton
Wilson says we all seem to be abstracting in different ways, creating separate universes or reality tunnels. Yet we still manage to communicate by creating reality labyrinths with each other. - 1982 Santa Cruz, Ca - One Audiotape


_ Right Where You Are Sitting Now (1983)
- And/Or, 1982
- Ronin 1992

_ Prometheus Rising (1983)
- Falcon 1983
- Rowohlt, Hamburg, 1987
- rororo, Reinbek bei Hamburg, 1987. 278 Seiten, Der neue Prometheus; Die Evolution unsrerer Intelligenz
- New Falcon, 1992

The Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying
Gold, E.J.; Lilly, John, M.D. and Wilson, Robert Anton (Introduction)
Book Description: Nevada City, CA: IDHHB Publishers 1983, 91 pp.


Best of The Realist.
Krassner, Paul (editor).
Running Press Philadelphia, PA (1984) First Paperback Printing Softbound. Quarto. 256pp including index. Illustrated throughout with numerous black & white reproductions. Stiff illustrated paper wraps. Includes contributions by Woody Allen, Terry Southern, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Anton Wilson and more

The I In The Triangle
Wilson, Robert Anton
We attempt to live in constantly changing and vanishing present. Wilson considers accepting responsibility for creating our future a necessary goal. - 1984 Esalen - One Audiotape


An Interview with Israel Regardie : His Final Thoughts and Views
Hyatt, Christopher S. (editor), Israel Regardie
Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. Falcon Press 1985

144 pages, B/W photos. Book reveals the honesty, integrity and sincerity of Regardie who died in 1985. Contents include: Selected Introductions of writings by-Robert Anton Wilson, Richard Satriano, Aleister Crowley, Christopher Hyattt; Interview; Articles: What is Psychotherapy; Cry Havoc; On Reich; Alchemy in the World Today. First Edition Soft Cover

BELSITO, Peter (ed.). [Robert Anton Wilson, Art Spiegelman, Keith Haring, Jello Biafra,].
Book Description: San Francisco: Last Gasp, 1985 143 pages. ISBN: 0867193379 Church of the SubGenius, anarchist author Robert Anton Wilson, Art Spiegelman, Keith Haring, anarchist Jello Biafra, Spalding Gray, et al.

Zen Without Zen Masters (ISBN: 094140434X)
Benares, Camden and Robert Anton Wilson
Book Description: Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, 1985.

Aeon II Autumn Equinox 1985
Aeon Press, Seattle, 1985. Paperback. The Priesthood by Nema, Barvarian Illuminati by Robert Anton Wilson, Manifesto of the Anti-Christ by Jack Parsons, The Book of the Anti-Christ by Jack Parsons, The Initiation by Aleister Crowley.

Magical Blend Issue 12 Robert Anton Wilson interview. How to tell your friends from the apes. Halley's Comet. Robin Williams. Rebirthing. Koko's Kitten.
LANGEVIN, Michael Peter & SNIDER, Jerry (Editors).
Magical Blend., San Francisco, CA:, 1985. Magazine, 76 pp,

Magical Blend Issue 13.1985
Robert Anton Wilson on James Joyce's Ulysses by Robert Anton Wilson
Few books have had as great an impact on literature as Ulysses. Robert Anton Wilson examines Joyce's transformative milestone.

The Golden Horde-Robert Anton Wilson
Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy - LP
6 Track Mini Album Id Records Nose 7 Pressed
In France 1985 Vg Ex


_ The New Inquisition (1986)
-Falcon/New Falcon 1986,
-Zweitausendeins, (1992)

Critique A Journal of Conspiracies and Metaphysics
Banner, Bob
Critique Publishing, 1986, Santa Rosa CA, Rare works by Robert Anton Wilson, Carl Jung, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and many more. "Critique has proved to be an intelligently written and edited journal, chock full of the strangest stuff one is likely to come across in print on these shores.".

This is a seminal panel discussion between four of the leading voices in the Magical community at a critical time in its history. This panel discussion was the concluding program of the 1986 WinterStar Symposium held at Atwood Resort in Delroy, OH. is a sealed new cassette produced by ACE, the people who bring you the Starwood Festival: America's Greatest Magickal Event!

The Illuminatus! Trilogy , won the 1986 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award


_ Wilhelm Reich in Hell (1987)
- Falcon Press, 1987

_ Natural Law, or Don't Put a Rubber on Your Willy (1987)
-Loompanics 1987

Hinter den Kulissen des Dritten Reiches. Geheime Gesellschaften machen Weltpolitik; Behind the window blinds of the third realm. Secret societies make world politics;
Braun, Otto Rudolf
116 sides; 15 partly-full-page text illustrations; Raymond Martin publishing house market Erlbach 1987 (Dt.Erstausgabe) with a preface by ROBERT ANTON WILSON

Critique: A Journal of Conspiracies & Metaphysics -- Vol VI No 3, 4 Fall/Winter 1986/87
Banner, Bob; Editor
Critique Publishing, Santa Rosa, California, 1987. Original Printing. approx 150. David Tame, Gary Allen, Jay Kinney, Renè Guenon, Ben G. Price, Jesse R. Freeland, Laird Wilcox, Robert Anton Wilson, Carl Jung, Dennis Stacey, Elizabeth C. Prophet.

Magical Blend Issue 16 John Lilly On Satori Part 1. Joseph Campbell on the Day of the Dead. Robert Anton Wilson on Finnegan's Wake. Lynn Andrews.
LANGEVIN, Michael Peter & SNIDER, Jerry (Editors).
Magical Blend., San Francisco, CA:, 1987. Magazine, 96 pp,

Philip K. Dick: The Dream Connection ed. D. Scott Apel (Permanent Press, [May ’87], , 296pp, hc); Mostly non-fiction, a collection of memoirs and essays on Dick, an interview with him, and a Dick short story.
“Afterwards” • Robert Anton Wilson •


_ Coincidance (1988)
- New Falcon 1988, 1991
_ Neuropolitique (1988) (with Leary & Koopman) [revision of Neuropolitics]
- New Falcon Publications, 1995. Trade Paperback

All Rites Reversed: Ritual Technology for Self-Initiation (ISBN: 0941404811)
Alli, Antero & Guests
Falcon Press, 1988. Paperback 184 pp.
Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson.

Dream Illuminati: The Vimana Conspiracy (ISBN: 0941404722)
Saalman, Wayne (Author) Wilson, Robert Anton (Designed by)
New Falcon Publications, 1988

BRAINCHILD A wild carnival ride through the futuristic realities created by cyber-piloting contraol of the brain and nanotechnology
Brown,David (ISBN: 0941404927)
Falcon Press, 1988. Intro. by Robert Anton Wilson. 117pp. Soft covers.

Gnosis: A Journal of Western Inner Traditions - No. 8 (Summer, 1988) - Alchemy: Practical, Psychological & Spiritual
Kinney, Jay (ed.)
Lumen Foundation, San Francisco, CA, 1988; magazine; 64p; VG cond

Spirituality, esoteric wisdom & metaphysics magazine. Special issue on Alchemy. Partial Contents: Sexual Alchemy by Robert Anton Wilson; C.G. Jung & the Alchemical Revival by Stephen A. Hoeller; The Rose Garden of Philosophers by David Fideler; much more.

CROW magazine
Dale, Bill (Editor)
AFTA Press, US, 1988. Soft cover. Lively American journal of film, music and literature of a pulp, underground or subversive nature. Features on horror director Stuart Gordon, Leonard Nimoy's poetry and Star Trek mythos, Native American philosopher Wallace Black Elk, Ed Wood Jnr, David Lynch's Blue Velvet, cult TV classic Dark Shadows and extensive round-ups of underground comics, Uk and US cinema, books and albums. 130 densely packed A4 pages in soft wraps, with film stills and promo shots throughout.

Critique: A Journal of Conspiracies & Metaphysics -- #27 Beyond Left and Right
Banner, Bob -- Editor
Critique Publishing, Santa Rosa, California, 1988. 80 pages. Cover Story: Beyond Left and Right; Conspiracy Against Miracles; Aliens, Angels and Archetypes; Karma, Reincarnation, and Abortion; Art as Black Magic and Moral Subversion. Authors: Robert Anton Wilson, Marian Kester, Laird Wilcox, Jay Kinney, Dennis Stillings, Bob Black, Michael Walker, David Tame, Ben G. Price.

Magical Blend Issue #18
Robert Anton Wilson on Philip K. Dick
Robert A. Wilson's new ongoing column for Magical Blend kicks off with an investigation into the mysteries and controversies surrounding the enigmatic, vision-haunted last years of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick

Critique: A Journal Questioning Consensus Reality, #28

The Semantics of "Good" & "Evil" by Robert Anton Wilson

Trajectories Vol. 1, No. 1 (Premier Issue)Summer 1988
Wilson, Robert Anton, Editor
San Jose, Permanent Press, Summer 1988; 1st Edition; 12 pgs

WILSON, Robert Anton.
Sounds True, Boulder, Co, 1988. Scarce tape cassette with printed fold cover which states:- 'A new commentary by Robert Anton Wilson on the exponential doubling of knowledge throughout history. A look at the inevitable migration of technology and culture - to space and beyond." About 60 minutes.


_ Ishtar Rising (1989) [revision of The Book of the Breast]
- Falcon Press / Golden Dawn, USA, 1989

_ Semiotext(e) SF (1989) (editor, with Rudy Rucker and Peter Lamborn Wilson)
Autonomedia 1989 (ISBN: 0936756438)

Portable Darkness An Aleister Crowley Reader. (ISBN: 0517571285)
CROWLEY, Aleister, edited by MICHAELSEN, Scott (Editor) (Forewords by Robert Anton Wilson and Genesis P-Orridge).
Book Description: Harmony Books., New York, NY:, 1989.

Robert Anton Wilson
Book Description: 1989. Elvis Presley cover. Robert Anton Wilson contributes an article about the Secret Order of the Knights of Malta.

Magical Blend January 1989, Issue 21 Gore Vidal & Riane Eisler interviews. Fat Holy Men. The Goddess and Marilyn Monroe by Robert Anton Wilson
LANGEVIN, Michael Peter & SNIDER, Jerry (Editors).
Book Description: Magical Blend., San Francisco, CA:, 1989. Magazine, 104 pp,

Trajectories Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 4. Spring 1989
Wilson, Robert Anton. EDITOR
Permanent Press, San Josè, California, 1989.
Robert Anton Wilson's Trajectories Newsletter, 20 pages. GAIA: Trajectories of Her Evolution Part I by Robert Anton Wilson; Get It? by Peter Russell; Review--The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future by Riane Eisler (Reviewed by Arlen Riley Wilson); Drama News: Wilson's Wilhelm Reich in Hell; The Last Temptation of Muhammed (Salman Rushdie Affair) by Robert Anton Wilson

Etcetera 46,no.4 (Winter 1989)
Includes: TOWARD UNDERSTANDING E –PRIME By Robert Anton Wilson
Another version of this article appeared in Trajectories, no. 5, the newsletter published by Robert Anton Wilson.
Also see Robert Anton Wilson's "Quantum Psychology," (E and E-Prime, Chapter 13, pages 97-107), New Falcon Publications, 1990

Trajectories Newsletter
Wilson, Robert Anton. EDITOR
Permanent Press, San Josè, California, 1989. 16 Pages.
Back to the Future! Special Futurism Issue. Artificial Intelligence Coming Soon? The Hillis Machine and Nanotechnology by Simon Moon. The Future of the Future by Robert Anton Wilson, Ph.D. The Value of Illusions. The Future That Failed by d. Scott Apel. Exo-Evolution.

Magical Blend Issue #25
Have You Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?
A trip to the movies with Robert Anton Wilson reveals "Batman" to be a classic film noir romp into existential angst.

Trajectories Newsletter Number Five, Summer 1989
Wilson, Robert Anton. EDITOR
Permanent Press, San Josè, California, 1989. 8_ x 11. 20 pages. In This Issue: Dr. timothy Leary on guerilla journalism; Barbara Marx Hubbard--The Trajectories Interiview; Medard Gabel and Buckminster Fuller's World Game; George Carlin on the seven forbidden words; Ed McMahon offers us money; Arlen Riley Wilson; Faith Healing Failures vs A.M.A. Failures; GAIA: The Trajectories of Her Evolution by Robert Anton Wilson;

Critique: : #30, February / March / April / June 1989
Banner, Bob -- EDITOR
Critique Publishing, Santa Rosa, California, 1989. Slick Magazine. Book Condition: Very Good. Original Printing. 8 x 11_. 96 pages. Exposing Consensus Reality--A Special Issue on Miracles. In This Issue: Before Miracles Occur by C. S. Lewis; The Science of Blessing and Cursing by Robert Anton Wilson;


_ Quantum Psychology (1990)
- New Falcon 1990

Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob": Short Stories in the Subgenius Mythos
(ISBN: 0671671901) Stang, Reverend Ivan (editor)
Book Description: Simon & Schuster/Fireside Books: New York, NY, 1990. Trade Paperback. Book Condition: Fair. 1st Printing. Worn, torn, stained, generally mishandled by Pinks. The "Bob" Dobbs phenomena illuminated by William S. Burroughs, John Shirley, Robert Anton Wilson, Mark Mothersbaugh, and a teeming quantity of deluded cult-followers.
The Horror on Howth Hill,

Island Man, (nv) IASFM Jan 19 1981
_ Great Tales of Madness and the Macabre, ed. Charles Ardai, Galahad 1990

Creating Your Giant Self
Rose, Robert: 0941404617 New Falcon Publications, AZ 1990 Paperback Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson.

Illuminaten der Nacht - Die Vimana-VErschwörung - mit einer Einführung von Robert Anton Wilson
Saalman, Wayne
Knaur München 1990 paperback ISBN 342602973

Loompanics' Greatest Hits: Articles and Features from the Best Book Catalog in the World (ISBN: 155950031X)
Hoy, Michael (editor)
Loompanics, 1990, Trade Paperback.. A collection of articles and essays, cartoons and rants, gleaned from the pages of the Loompanics Unlimited book catalog. For over a decade, the Loompanics Catalog has served as a kiosk for writers from the far left, the far right, and the far out -- including Robert Anton Wilson, Bob Black, Kurt Saxon, Robert Shea and many, many others. 300 pages.

New Libertarian August 1990 Volume Four, Number Twenty & Volume V Numbers 9 & 10
Konkin III, Samuel Edward, Editor
New Libertarian Company, Costa Mesa, California, 1990. 66 pages. Special Science Fiction Issue. Prometheus Meltdown: A Tribute to Robert A. Heinlein. Fiction by Victor Koman, L. Neil Smith, Oyvind Myhre, Robert Anton Wilson, Brad Linaweaver, Robert Shea. "Just Binding My Time by Samuel Edward Konkin III

The Realist
Krassner, Paul (editor)
Book Description: 1990. #111; Winter. "Robert Anton Wilson Covers The Futurists Convention".

Magical Blend Issue #28
Cyberspace and Techno-Zen
Robert Anton Wilson admits to having had a lot of experience with non-ordinary realities, but rarely has he found a netherworld as accommodating as Cyberspace, where Virtual Reality is virtually anything you want.


_ Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth (1991)
- New Falcon 1991; HB - Limited numbered collector's edition
- New Falcon 1991 Softcover
- New Falcon 2004 Softcover

WHEN THE MUSIC'S OVER: In The Dark; Bugs; Peace of Mind; War in the Ponrappe Islands; Caruso; Prayers on the Wind; Burning Up; The Prince; The Mirror Planet; The Invisible Country; Von Neumann's Second Catastrophe; Final Weapon; Smile; Jim and Irene (ISBN: 0553289853)
Shiner, Lewis (editor) (Pat Cadigan; James P. Blaylock; Nancy Kress; Yoshio Aramaki; Sherry Coldsmith; Walter Jon Williams; Mark L. Van Name; John Shirley; Yuri Glazkov; Paul J. McAuley; Robert Anton Wilson; Wayne Wightman; Marian Henley; Bruce Sterling)
Book Description: Bantam Spectra, New York, 1991. Soft Cover

Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection (ISBN: 0941404455)
Antero Alli; Robert Anton Wilson (Designer)
Vigilantero Press, 1985, Boulder, Colorado
New Falcon Publications, 1991.

Deadline, Issue 30
Spencer, Si (ed.)
Deadline Publications, 1991. Mid-period issue of the long-lived comic/music magazine. Slowdive; Curve; S'Express; Robert Anton Wilson; Hewlett and Martin's 'Booga'; D'Israeli's 'Fatal Charm'; Evan Dorkin's 'Milk and Cheese'; Jamie Hewlett's 'Fireball'.

Magical Blend Issue #31
Cosmic Trigger II
Am exclusive pre-publication peek at the author's eagerly awaited sequel. A Wilsonian feast completer with slice of life and a serving of B.S.

Religion for the Hell of It (ISBN: 1564550990)
Produced by Robert Anton Wilson
Book Description: Sounds True, 1991. Audio Cassette.

Released in 1991 Made in the UK
Track:9 ROBERT ANTON WILSON - Calvi, The Pope And The Brotherhood

_ Reality Is What You Can Get Away With: An Illustrated Screenplay (1992)
-New Falcon 1992

The Illuminati Conspiracy: The Sapiens System (ISBN: 1561840513)
Donald, M.D. Holmes; Robert Anton Wilson
Book Description: New Falcon Publications, 1992..

Saalman, Wayne
New Falcon Publications, 1992. Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson. Soft cover; 293 pgs.

Lobster Magazine (Britain) 1992-#23 (4-5)

The Gemstone File,
Keith, Jim (Editor)
IllumiNet Press, Avondale Estates, GA, 1992, A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File by Stephanie Caruana and other people's reaction to it such as Mae Brussel, Robert Anton Wilson, Jonathan Vankin, Kerry W. Thornley,

THE SELECTED LETTERS OF PHILIP K. DICK 1975-1976 Volume 4 (ISBN: 0887331114)
Dick, Philip K., intro by Robert Anton Wilson, edited by Don Herron
Book Description: Underwood Miller, 1992, 351 pages,

Anarchic Harmony: The Spirituality of Social Disobedience (ISBN: 1559500824)
Murray, William J. (Robert Anton Wilson, introduction)
Loompanics Unlimited, Port Townsend, WA, 1992

Magical Blend Oct. 1992, Issue 36 Explorations in Consciousness. John Lilly, Carol Tarvis and Dan Millman interviewed. Androphobia II by Robert Anton Wilson
LANGEVIN, Michael Peter & SNIDER, Jerry (Editors).
Book Description: Magical Blend., San Francisco, CA:, 1992. Magazine, 88 pp,


TOTAL Vol. 2: The Body (Total, Volume 2) (ISBN: 1898243018)
Derek Jarman; Antero Alli; Robert Anton Wilson; Fakir Musafar; Zoviet France; Robert H. King (Editor)
Book Description: Total, 1993. Soft Cover.

Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation: The Split Brain Conspiracy (ISBN: 1561840572)
Christopher S. Hyatt, Robert Anton Wilson (Introduction), Israel Regardie (Introduction)
Book Description: New Falcon Publications, 1993.

The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick: Volume Five: 1977-1979. (ISBN: 0887331203)
Dick, Philip K.
Underwood-Miller, 1993. Book Condition: Series edited by Don Herron: introduction to this volume by Robert Anton Wilson. 260 pages.

Magical Blend Jan. 1993 Issue 37 Unveiling Body and Soul. Thomas Moore Interviewed. White Boys Dancing. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Robert Anton Wilson
LANGEVIN, Michael Peter & SNIDER, Jerry (Editors).
Magical Blend., San Francisco, CA:, 1993. Magazine, 96 pp,

Steamshovel Press, Number Seven 1993
Thomas, Kenn and Philip Gounis
Steamshovel Press, St. Louis, Missouri, 1993. 8 _ x 11. 59 pages.
In This Issue: Conspiracy writers interviewed: Jonathan Vankin, Robert Anton Wilson, and John Judge; Science as Credo by Roy Lisker; Virtually Reality by Jim Keith; Wilhelm Reich in Vienna by Jim Martin; Len Bracken At Phenomicon


_ Chaos and Beyond (1994) (editor and primary author)
- The Permanent Press 1994


_ Cosmic Trigger III: My Life After Death (1995)
-New Falcon 1995

Kramer, Edward E. (edited by) [Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson] [Nancy A. Collins, S. P. Somtow, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Roland J. Green, Basil Copper, Charles L. Grant, Poppy Z. Brite, Fred Olen Ray, Rex Miller, Philip Nutman, John Mason Skipp, et al]
no place [Clarkston] White Wolf Publishing [1995]
442+ pages,

Pursglove, Paul David
The New Being Project 1995 softbound, 333 pages. An anthology of UFO fact and fiction, including: Edwin A. Abbott; Shari Adamiak; Bill Barker; Daniel Drasin; Ersatz Dodo Comedy Team; Marilyn Ferguson; Neil Freer; Steve Greer; Michael Grosso; Nick Herbert; Jon Klimo; Stanley Krippner; Rima Laibow; Timothy Leary; Robert Anton Wilson.

The Backlash! - March 1995
Language and Lunacy
All white men own corporations and meet weekly with David Rockefeller a the Patriarchy Club to make all the decisions for our society, and other pop-feminist myths
by Robert Anton Wilson

Trajectories Newsletter Number 14, Spring 1995
Wilson, Robert Anton. EDITOR
Permanent Press, San Josè, California, 1989 Robert Anton Wilson's Trajectories Newsletter. The Journal of Futurism and Heresy -- 26 pages. Cyberspace vs Geospace; Post Modernism; Excerpts from Cosmic Trigger III and Bride of Illuminatus; WWWe're WWWired!!! by D. Scott Apel; Uncle Bob Speaks: Apologias and Divagations: Theologies, Demonology and Codology; Beneath the Planet of the Priory of Sion; Life and Death on the Infobahn; Satanism Report: Accusations: 12,000 Evidence: 0;


Secrets of Western Tantra: The Sexuality of the Middle Path (ISBN: 1561841137)
Christopher S. Hyatt, Preface by Robert Anton Wilson
Book Description: New Falcon Publications, 1996.

Rebels & Devils; the Psychology of Liberation (ISBN: 1561841218)
Hyatt, Christopher S., Editor
New Falcon 1996. Trade Paperback. 382 pp. B&W illustrations. Introduced by S. Jason Black. Foreword by Nicholas Tharcher. With contributions by William S. Burroughs; Timothy Leary; Robert Anton Wilson; Austin Osman Spare; Lon Mile DuQuette; Genesie P-Orridge; Aleister Crowley; Jack Parsons; Osho Rajneesh, and many others

Robert Anton Wilson's Trajectories Newsletter Autumn 1996
Wilson, Robert Anton. EDITOR
Book Description: Permanent Press, San Josè, California, 1996


_ The Walls Came Tumbling Down (1997)
-New Falcon 1997

Transit Lounge (ISBN: 9057041111)
Crawford, Ashley; Edgar, Ray (eds)
Craftsman House, Sydney, 1997. PaperbackSm 4to. A series of essays and articles by some of the best contemporary writers, exploring tomorrow's world; Acker, Ballard, Chomsky, Burroughs, Zurbrugg, Gibson, Greil Marcus, Roszak, Stelarc, Virilio, Robert Anton Wilson, James Joyce, and more 192pp.

The Alchemy of Opposites (ISBN: 1561840858)
Rodolfo Scarfalloto, Robert Anton Wilson (Introduction)
Book Description: New Falcon Publications, 1997.

Free Space
Free at Last • Robert Anton Wilson
Linaweaver, Brad & Kramer, Edward E. (eds)
New York Tor 1997

Stories about the struggle against Tyranny, in space, by Robert Anton Wilson, John Barnes, Greg Benford, Ray Bradbury, Robert Sawyer, Poul Anderson, others. First Edition Fine Hard Cover

ISBN: 0312859570 Fine


_ Everything Is Under Control (1998)
- HarperCollins 1998 Softcover
- Pan Books (Macmillan), London. 1999 -(ISBN: 0330389947)

Disco 2000
Champion, Sarah (Editor) London Sceptre 1998

365pp. An anthology of cult fiction set in the final hours of 1999. Contributions from Pat Cadigan, Nicholas Blincoe, Grant Morrison, Jonathan Brook, Poppy Z. Brite, Charlie Hall, Doug Hawes, Paul di Filippo, Steve Aylett, Bill Drummond, Martin Millar, Helen Mead, Courttia Newland, Douglas Rushkoff, Tania Glyde, Steve Beard, Neal Stephenson, Robert Anton Wilson, Douglas Coupland. Soft Cover ISBN: 0340707712

film _23_ (1998)

The movie's plot is based on the true story of a group of young computer hackers from Hannover, Germany. In the late 1980s the orphaned Karl Koch invests his heritage in a flat and a home computer. At first he dials up to bulletin boards to discuss conspiracy theories inspired by his favorite novel, R.A. Wilson's Illuminatus", but soon he and his friend David start breaking into government and military computers. Pepe, one of Karl's rather criminal acquaintances senses that there is money in computer cracking - he travels to east Berlin and tries to contact the KGB.


Paul Krassner's Impolite Interviews (ISBN: 1888363924)
Krassner, Paul
Seven Stories Press, New York1999. Trade Paperback
Paul Krassner is a very important figure of the Movement, having fought for free speech and freedom of the press. Co-founder of the Yippies with Abbie Hoffman. He was also publisher, editor and writer of the underground press The Realist. The Realist started in 1958, and saw sporadic publication until the turn of the Century. This is a collection of 21 interviews (with assistance from Robert Anton Wilson on 2). Some of those interviewed include: Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, Albert Ellis, Dick Gregory, Joseph Heller, Ken Kesey, Norman Mailer, Mort Sahl, Ram Dass, Jerry Garcia, Hugh Hefner, Arianna Huffington, Timothy Leary, Terry Southern, Alan Watts and others.

Sex and Rockets The Occult World of Jack Parsons (ISBN: 0922915563)
CARTER, John (Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson).
Book Description: Feral House., Venice, CA:, 1999. 26 pp +230 pp,

High Times Presents Paul Krassner's Pot Stories for the Soul (ISBN: 1893010023)
Krassner, Paul (editor)
High Times Pr, New York1999. Trade Paperback. This book contains stories by and about Ken Kesey, Stephen Gaskin, Allen Ginsberg, Michelle Phillips, Abbie Hoffman, Mountain Girl, Jerry Rubin, Hunter S. Thompson, Wavy Gravy, Lynn Phillips, Robert Anton Wilson, Harry Shearer, Kate Coleman, John Sinclair, Jack Herer, David Peel, Pot Star, Michael Simmons, Mark Mothersbaugh, Jonathan Pekar, Stan Mack and many, many more.

High Times 1999--Nov #291 25th Anniversary Edition
High Times 1999--Nov #291 25th Anniversary Edition (magazine)

Article by Jorge Cervantes--Still Growing After All These Years, Robert Connell Clarke--Who Invented Hash?, Paul Krassner--Pot Stories for the Soul, Dean Latimer--With Paul Krassner, Dick Russell and Robert Anton Wilson - Top 10 Conspiracies & Ed Rosenthal--Adventures in the Cannabis Trade. Interview with Barney Frank.

Gnosis No. 50 (Winter 1999).
Smoley, Richard and Jay Kinney, "Doubt!: The Gnosis Interview with Robert Anton Wilson",

Magical Blend Issue #46
How to Live Eleven Days in 24 Hours
Through a sure cure for Millennial Madness and Acute Narrow Mindedness, Robert Anton Wilson's daily calendar is about as complicated as Rubik's Cube.

X Factor #65
Featuring genetic resurrection, UFO reports, cults, paranormal investigators, Robert Anton Wilson interview, nuclear war preparations. Significant spine roll.
Ritual Slaughter

Opium Den.
WILSON, Robert Anton. [1999]. LSD blotter art featuring a detailed color illustration of an opium smoker and two attendants in an upper class den. One of 250 numbered copies signed by Robert Anton Wilson. The sheet measures 9.5" x 9.5" and is divided into 900 perforated hits. As new. Image available.


Disinformation : The Interviews (ISBN: 0971394210)
The Disinformation Company, New York, 2000

Astrology, Aleister and Aeon (ISBN: 1561841358)
Kipp, Charles Wilson, Robert Anton
New Falcon Publications, 2000.

High Times 2000--May #297
High Times 2000--May #297 (magazine) (Cover illustration by: Andre Grossman.)

Article by Brian Hassett--Somkin' Beats, Lord Jagi--With Kyle Kushman - Mini-Closet, Mega-Buds, Kyle Kushman--Two Dutch Masters & Robert Anton Wilson--Temporary Autonomous Zone. Interview with Howard Marks.

Ramsay, Robin. Conspiracy Theories. Herts, England: Pocket Essentials, 2000. 95 pages.


Taboo: Sex, Religion and Magick (ISBN: 1561841609)
Christopher S. Hyatt; Lon Milo DuQuette; Robert Anton Wilson (Introduction)
New Falcon Publications, 2001.

Wake Up Down There! (ISBN: 0932813828)
Greg Bishop 2001. Paperback
Adventures Unlimited Pages: 420,
The great American tradition of drop-out culture makes it over the millennium mark with a collection of the best from The Excluded Middle, the critically acclaimed underground magazine of UFOs, the paranormal, conspiracies and psychedelia.P>Veteran conspiracy researcher and magazine publisher Greg Bishop has put together an intriguing collection with contributions from Robert Anton Wilson, Ivan Stang, Martin Kottmeyer, John Shirley, Scott Corrales, Adam Gorightly and Robert Sterling, and interviews with James Miseley, Karla Turner, Bill Moore, Kenn Thomas, Richard Boylan, Dean Radin, Joe McMoneagle and the mysterious Ira Einhorn (an Excluded Middle exclusive).

Paul Krassner's Psychedelic Trips for the Mind (ISBN: 1893010074)
Krassner, Paul
High Times Pr, New York, 2001. Trade Paperback 193 pages. Includes Kesey, Hoffman, Robert Anton Wilson, Susie Bright, Jerry Garcia, Groucho Marx, etc.

Picknett,L. Prince,C. The Stargate Conspiracy. 2001 (236, 285)

Think for Yourself!: Questioning Pressures to Conform (Self-Mastery) (ISBN: 1579510507)
Sharon Presley, Robert Anton Wilson
Book Description: Ronin Publishing (CA), 2001

Sterling, Robert FERAL HOUSE
ISBN 1932595023,

" Contributors include Greg Palast and Robert Anton Wilson

New York: Altar Inc., 2001
192pp. A political-cultural journal edited and published by David Latimer who used the name of a secret organization of the 1800s to which his great- great grandfather belonged. Includes articles, stories and art by Robert Anton Wilson, Huey P. Newton, Richard Preston, RU Sirius and others

Interesting conversations with folks on the fringes. In this issue: Scientologists punked; meth-sick goddesses, surgical deprogramming, Jim Goad, R.U. Sirius, Robert Anton Wilson, John Zerzan, more.

High Times, the Best Of # 28 2001
High Times, the Best Of # 28 2001 (magazine) (Art of Stephen E. Lewis.)
Art of Stephen E. Lewis. Article by Steve Bloom--Al Gore's Party Years, Jorge Cervantes--What to Feed Your Weed, Gabe Kirchheimer--Mad Couws and Englishmen, Preston Peet--Inside the Octopus the Barry Seal Story, Dick Russell--With Paul Krassner, Dean Latimer and Robert Anton Wilson - Top 10 Conspiracies, Chris Simunek--Bushwacked - High Times Crases the Grand Old Party, Dan Skye--Villa's Trail & Bill Weinberg--Return of the Bush Dynasty.

_ TSOG: The Thing That Ate the Constitution (2002)
-New Falcon 2002

Murder at the Conspiracy Convention (ISBN: 1569802319)
Krassner, Paul
Barricade Books, Incorporated, Fort Lee, NJ., 2002. Trade Paperback. With an introduction by George Carlin. The book is dedicated to Robert Anton Wilson.

The Gospel According to Philip K.
Vendor Name: First Run Features
UPC: 720229909655
Release Date: 7/16/2002
Director: Steensland/massagi
Duration: 0081 Minutes
That may leave the casual viewer a bit bewildered by it all, but fans will appreciate the comments of cult author Robert Anton Wilson and rare audio recordings of Dick himself (set to funky minimalist animation).


The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture (ISBN: 193104466X)
Adam Gorightly Robert Anton Wilson
Book Description: Paraview Press, 2003.

Book of Lies –
Metzger, Richard 2003 Disinformation Company
Pages: 353 An Excerpt from Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson
ISBN: 097139427X

Disinformation: The Complete Series
Metzger, Richard
This deluxe 2-disc DVD release follows hot on the heels of the publication of companion book "Disinformation: The Interviews" Literary celebs interviewed include "Illuminatus!" author Robert Anton Wilson,
ISBN: 0971394261
Publisher: Disinformation Company
Publication Date: 2003


The Dance of Opposites: Ancient Wisdom for Promoting Health and Happiness in the Here and Now (ISBN: 1594535469)
Scarfalloto, Rudy (Author) Wilson, Robert Anton (Introduction by)
Bookman Publishing, 2004.

Wagner, Eric 2004

Paperback. .

To Lie Is Human: Not Getting Caught Is Divine
Christopher S. Hyatt, Robert Anton Wilson (Introduction)
ISBN: 1561841994
Format: Paperback, 224pp
Pub. Date: March 2004
Publisher: New Falcon Publications
Hang the Tsar! Robert Anton Wilson In Conversation With R.U. Sirius Saturday, July 10 2004 @ 08:38 AM PDT


_ Email to the Universe (2005)
-New Falcon 2005

Maybe Logic 2005 DVD Biography
Maybe Logic "is" a hilarious and mind-bending journey into the multi-dimensional life of Robert Anton Wilson, author of the Illuminatus! Trilogy. Featuring video spanning 25 years and the best of 100 hours of footage thoroughly tweaked, transmuted and regenerated, Maybe Logic follows the ever-open eye of Pope Bob as he penetrates human illusions exposing the mathematical probabilities and spooky synchronicities of the 8 dimensions of his Universe. The feature-length documentary features Tom Robbins, RU Sirius, Ivan Stang, Paul Krassner, Valerie Corral and Douglas Rushkoff. The soundtrack includes music from Boards of Canada, Animals On Wheels, Tarentel, Funki Porcini, The Supplicants, Pullman, Matt Elliott, The Cinematic Orchestra, Ognen Spiroski and Amon Tobin.

Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse
Brown, David J. Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. Hardback ISBN: 1403965323)
Pages: 288, Introduction by David Jay Brown
Quantum sociology and neuropolitics : Robert Anton Wilson

Metro Santa Cruz. August 10-17, 2005
Premature Illumination
By Bill Forman
Robert Anton Wilson, the iconoclastic genius behind the famed 'Illuminatus! Trilogy,' has a few thousand things he'd like to teach you


'A' Is for Anarchy
Anarchism has gone from intellectually complicated and violent to just plain silly.
Friday, March 17, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST
Wall Street Journal Article mentions Bob and Hakim Bey in the same line, calling them “chaos-worshiping pranksters”.

- Tale Of The Tribe







Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything (ISBN: 1591793750)
Wilson, Robert Anton (Author)
Sounds True, 2005. Compact Disk

Robert Anton Wilson Interviewed By Faustin Bray And Brian Wa
On Finnegans Wake And Joseph Campbell
CD Album

Model Agnosticism vs. A New Idolatry: A Critique of Robert Anton Wilson's The New Inquisition
Getting it - online zine c. 1999
December 13, 1999
Bugs Bunny And Other UFO Victims
Reality isn't always consensual
November 15, 1999
Coming Again
The orgasmic release of the Apocalypse myth
September 20, 1999
I Remember Satan
'Recovered memory,' demonology, and duck soup
November 29, 1999
In Doubt We Trust
Cults, religions, and BS in general
November 1, 1999
Reality Ain't What It Used To Be
Thirty-five years after Bell's Theorem
December 27, 1999
The Devil On The Chimney
A tale of Lovecraftian horror and psycho-archeology
October 11, 1999
The Lumber Of The Beast
Tracking the Antichrist
principia ordia (1993)
Eric Wagner’s Thesis Proposal: The Influence of Finnegans Wake on Robert Anton Wilson’s Masks of the Illuminat
alt.illuminati Frequently Asked Questions
compiled by Trevor W. McKeown
version 2.0
Last modified: 19 March, 2004
Firing the Cosmic Trigger
with Robert Anton Wilson
Interview with David Brown
Hagbard Celine's Laws of Social Cybernetics –


The Nose
Mondo 2000


Cosmic Trigger Advanced Reader (ISBN: 112722400X)
Wilson, Robert Anton
Price: US$ 75.00
Book Description: AND/OR PRESS INC. ADVANCE READER ISBN: 112722400x

FUTURE Magazine: April 1978 #1 thru Dec. 1981 Complete 31 issues Zimmerman, Howard Editor:
New York: Future Magazine Inc, Apr.1978-Dec.'81. 1sts. Magazine. Illustrated throughout in color and black & white. ALL 31 ISSUES are near fine to fine (slight rubs at some spines). 4to colored wrappers The first issue includes color illustrations by Chesley Bonestell and interview with Fred Pohl and article by Isaac Asimov. Artists include Boris, Alvarez, Bob McCall, Shusei Nagooka, Gil Kane, etc.Writers such as William F. Nolan, Robert Anton Wilson, A.E.Van Vogt, Jerry Pournelle, Harlan Ellison, Timothy Leary, Roger Zelazny, Larry Niven, Robert Silverberg, Ray Bradbury, etc.

Nomos - Studies in Spontaneous Order No. 42
Shea, Robert (ed.)
Glen Ellyn, IL Stapled Cardstock Covers 30 pp.
Robert Anton Wilson: Freedom's last chance. Plus: Brad Linaweaver on cyberarchy - the high price of Utopia - Even fanatics have the right to bearr arms - more Libertarianism for beginners. Pat Hartman on "Family values: yours, mine or whose?".

Rant Issue #4
Vitale, Alfred [Editor]
Rant, New York, New York. Ethan Cornell, Carl Alessi, Blair Wilson, Shalom, Walt Neary, Joe Chiapetta, Mary Lou Pilkington, Eric Drooker (illustrator). Original Printing. 76 pages. ISSN 1069-9419. Featuring. . . . Robert Anton Wilson,

Pacts With the Devil: A Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy and Liberation (ISBN: 1561840580)
Black, S. Jason
Book Description: New Falcon, 1993, 1993. Trade Paperback. Book Condition: As New. Trade Paperback. As New. 285 pages.

Das Lexikon der Verschwörungstheorien. Verschwörungen, Intrigen, Geheimbünde. (ISBN: 3492240240)
The encyclopedia of the conspiracy theories. Conspiracy, plots, secret federations.
Wilson, Robert Anton
Book Description: Piper Verlag GmbH, 2004. Taschenbuch. Book
Paperback. Book condition: New one. 188mm x 121mm. who are actually the notorious Illuminaten? Did Jack the Ripper on behalf of a French Freimaurerloge work? And which has it with the puzzling grain circles on itself? If you wanted to know all this always, you should absolutely in this original encyclopedia schmoekern. From the rose cruisers over the legendary Italian loge Robert Anton Wilson, cult author of the ' Illuminatus' novels, information gathered P2 up to the mafia and CIA to the most fascinating conspiracy. Not without winkings he kidnaps the reader in the uncanny twilight of mysterious powers of this world. 188mm x 121mm. 358gr. Seiten/Pages

Gulyas, Jim, and Richard Sassoon San Francisco: The Bindweed Press
1967 100pp, glued wrappers. A bizarre, seemingly LSD-inspired screed (reminiscent of the Boo Hoo Bible, Principia Discordia, etc.) that combines rather disturbing art and text (as shown on the front cover: "A man-god has severed each of his feet above the ankles and holding these in his hands has severed his right hand above the wrist and holds the wrist between his teeth and thus he is seen dancing, his stump legs spread and his hair standing on end."). Twisted. Cover has light band of sunning at spine; last copy available

Best Minds: A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg
Morgan, Bill & Rosenthal Bob (editors)
Lospecchio Press, New York, 1986. Cloth. This is such an important volume for a beat collection. (at Logos)

The Saracen: Land of the Infidel (ISBN: 0345335880)
Shea, Robert
New York, Ballantine Books, 1989; 468 pgs

The Saracen: The Holy War (ISBN: 034535933X)
Shea, Robert
New York, Ballantine Books, 1989; 1st Edition; 357 pgs

Literary Voices: Interviews with Alex Haley, Christopher Isherwood, Jessica Mitford, Richard Armour and Robert Anton Wilson No. 1
Jeffrey M. Elliott

Nomos-Studies in Spontaneous Order No. 42
by Shea, Robert (Ed. )
Stapled Cardstock Covers 30 pp.
Robert Anton Wilson: Freedom's last chance. Plus: Brad Linaweaver on cyberarchy-the high price of Utopia-Even fanatics have the right to bearr arms-more Libertarianism for beginners. Pat Hartman on "Family values: yours, mine or whose? "

Rant Issue #4
Robert Anton Wilson, Jim Feast, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Laurie Calhoun, Gina Grega, Bob Carlton, Frank van Zant, Mary Panza, Peter Lamborn Wilson ...

The Diagonal Relationship #9
Very Good. No Dust Jacket16 page fanzine. Contributors include Robert Anton Wilson,

Trajectories. Robert Anton Wilson
v.1#1(Sum'88), 2(Aut'88), 4(Spr'89), 5(Sum'89), 6(Win'90), 7(Spr'90), 8(Aut'90)
9(Spr'91), 10(Aut'91), 12(Spr'93), 14(Spr'95), 16/17(Aut'96) @x12


Vol. IV No. I. March 1978

NL 145

“Neurological Relativism”


Vol. IV No. 3, May 1978

NL 147

“Anita Bryant and the Gays”


Vol. IV No. 4, Aug. 1978

NL 148

“The Prisoner’s Dilemma”


Vol. IV No. 5/6, Jan. 1980

NL 155

“Schrödinger’s Cat”


Vol. IV No. 7, Apr.-Jun. 1980

NL 157

“Miscellaneous Heresies”


Vol. IVNo. 8, Feb. 1981

NL 158

“Miscellaneous Heresies II”


Vol. IV No. 9, Apr.-Jun. 1981

NL 159

“Another Column of Miscellaneous Heresies”


Vol. IV No. 12, Oct. 1984

NL 164

“A New Writer: F. W. Nietzche”


Vol. IV No. 13, Apr. 1985

NL 166

Natural Law Debate that inspired Wilson’s most controversial book! Plus: “Why UFOs Fascinate Us”


Vol. IV No. 15, Aug. 1985

NL 170

“Natural Law, or Don’t Wear a Rubber on Your Willy” (The article that became the book!)


Vol. IV No. 16, Aug. 1986

NL 174

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle One”


NLN&C 18.3 [No. 10], 5/87

NL 179

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle Two”


Vol. IV No. 18/19, Dec, 1987

NL 180

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle Three”


Vol. IV No. 20 / Vol. V No. 9/10

NL 187

Prometheus Meltdown: “Dirty Socks & Denture Breath”


Complete Set of All 14 Issues (save $50.50)
(1-9 are photocopies, 12-20 are the actual issues)



Vol. V No. l, Jan. 1988

NL 182

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle Four”


Vol. V No. 2, Feb. 1988

NL 183

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle Five”


Vol. V No. 3, Apr. 1988

NL 184

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle Six”


Vol. V No. 4, Mar. 1989

NL 185

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle Seven”


Vol. V No. 5, Jun. 1990

NL 186

“Letters from Ireland, Epistle Eight”


Complete Set of All 5 Issues (save $5.00)
(All are photocopies)



16 issues of NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY that contain articles by and about Robert Anton Wilson. These are the actual original issues!

Vol. Ill, No. 39, 9/5/76

NL 81/82

Interview with RAW by Jane Talisman & Eric Geislinger

Vol. Ill, No. 45, 10/24/76

NL 88

Luna Wilson Obituary

Vol. Ill, No. 50, 11/28/76

NL 93

“Truth Comes on Swift Wings”

Vol. Ill, No. 55. 1/2/77

NL 98

“Escape Velocity”

Vol. Ill, No. 60, 2/6/77

NL 103

“Eight Kinds of Libertarians”

Vol. UI, No. 65, 3/13/77

NL 108

“The Noble Eight-Fold Path”

Vol. Ill, No. 69.4/10/77

NL 112

“That Old Black Magick”

Vol. Ill, No. 75, 5/22/77

NL 118

Letter to Editor

Vol. Ill, No. 80, 7/3/77

NL 123

“I, Robot”

Vol. UI, No. 83, 7/24/77

NL 126

“The King is Dead! Long Live the King!” review of King Kong

Vol. Ill, No. 87, 8/21/77

NL 130

“Abortion & Logic”

Vol. Ill, No. 88/89, 9/4/77

NL 131/2

“From Inner Space to Outer Space”

Vol. Ill, No. 92, 10/2/77

NL 135

“No More Secrets”

Vol. Ill, No. 95, 10/23/77

NL 138

Letter to the Editor

Vol. Ill, No. 99, 11/20/77

NL 142

“The Compleat Skeptic”

Vol. Ill, No. 100, 11/27/77

NL 143

“Skepticism and Solipsism”

13 articles, 2 letters, 1 interview. One price: $19.95

TOTAL Vol. 1 Magazine + cd
Articles on conspiracy theories, cults, secret societies, the Process Church, and more. The CD features tracks by Frontline Assembly, Fini Tribe, Broubonese Qualk, The Anti Group, The Occult Technology of Power, Ege Bam Yasi, Flux, Pornosect, Coil, Jass, Andrew Lagowski, John Avery, and Hole. An official release, not a CD-R or bootleg.


Blogger David Houser said...

I have in front of me a copy of the anarchist paper The Match! Vol. 4 No.5, with an article by RAW called "Objections to Objectivism". It looks like this is where it originally appeared.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

"Lysander Spooner 1808-1888 Author: WILSON, Robert Anton. Published by No information given (issued ca. 1970). 8 1/2 x 14 in. Single mimeographed sheet printed on both sides .."

I've seen this in its original context. I'm pretty sure it appeared in the pacifist magazine WIN. Though there's a chance it was in THE MATCH!

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome List!
i have linked to it on my blog...

Thank you for your great work!

8:20 AM  

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