Friday, April 14, 2006

BOOK is Still a Four-Letter Word

Life has been fast and busy these past couple weeks. A major library sale in Madison last weekend was a big education. The intense vibe in the first 30 minutes of a sale like that is enough to knock you silly. Very contact sports oriented. The amount of folks punching ISBN's into cell phones was ridiculous. If i were running that sale i would ban cell phones. period! The whole game takes the fun and risk away from the experience.
We ended up going back for the back sale and added a great deal to our wisocnsin history section and the Agriculture Periodicals were abundant. The next weekend was a smaller sale in Madison which happens every month. Didn't like this one as much. Too expensive, and the selection was a bit lame. We did find a sweet Masonic Temple sale on the way there. As usual, the mystery find of the Mason sale outdid the library sale in quality of books and price. We picked up some nice kids books and some good gun references and hunting books. Around here, the hunting material is a good thing to stock. If you don't hunt yourself, you probably let your buddies hunt your land. Mornings waking up to a symphony of gunfire.

Speaking of gunfire, we aquired a section of a large Civil War collection from a collector in Florida. We may be getting the rest later in the year. Cross your fingers. The amazing books in this bunch knocked us out, and gave us a real education as to Civil War values. Obscure Generals and little battles. We spent 2 days cataloging it and have a a few books up on ebay.

Ebay has been good to us this week. Some nice soil surveys, yearbooks, and town histories, and farm machinery books paid the bills. I started listing some sheet music again, and that felt good. A scarce and expensive reprint of ottaviano petrucci's Canti B was very popular. We sold 2 copies in 2 days and raised the price a bit on the third. He was the Gutenburg of music printing. The first guy to use movable type for laying out music.
I think we'll hang onto the other few we have and do a bit more research on him.

Bought a new planer, so shelf building will commence this Saturday. Need more wood.......


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