Sunday, March 26, 2006

Books and such

This is the first post to the new Biblioarchy Blog. The idea here is to give a snapshot of some of the high wierdness that comes from a life of selling books. We are in the process of sorting, cataloging, and arrarnging over 100,000 books and sundry ephemera in a small shop in southwest Wisconsin. We are not 'open' to the public yet, but folks are begining to hear the rumors and are showing up at all hours.

Yesterday, two gentelmen were observed behind the building searching for a way in. They eventually made their way upstairs and i decided to show them the shop. Nearly an hour later, they were gone and i had a pile of books on metempsychosis (study of the evolution of the soul after death) put aside that they would return one day for. I guess the idea of actually bringing money to a bookstore seemed odd that day.

We finished a week long "Theme Week" with 8 kids from YIHS. They made their own books and helped to add some order to the chaos, or chaos to the order. Not quite sure yet.

The Madison University Book Sale was a success. Opening night was a knock down drag out full-contact kid of event. The Saturday Bag sale was much more laid back and 13 bags later, we were in the Black Stallion, escaping back into the driftless.

Spring is here, but still chilly.

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