Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Visit to Castle Arkdale

Once upon a time there was a lonely old farm, in the flat lands of central Wisconsin. There were fields of Genetically Modified Corn, cows, and a big lake, right down the road. One day, the farm was bought by a young couple with big dreams and incredible stamina. The made the farm successful, and started to fill the building on the farm with books they had read and picked up here and there.

Soon the books filled the sheds, and the house, and the barns. The couple decided to make a new building for the books, and they turned their manure tank into a magical castle.

They kept on collecting books and more books, until they had so many books, that they decided to open a store. They made a beautiful store out of their manure tank, and another large storage building, and a few cabins, and some other buildings too. They never put a sign up on the lonely road that ran by their farm. But the people found them. The book lovers of the world found them on that big old farm in the middle of nowhere. And every day some crazy book person drives down that old road and searches for the farm with the castle full of books. And they usually find it.

the end.


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